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Dozer PostgreSQL connector serves as an essential link for real-time data replication from a PostgreSQL database to Dozer. Upon its initial start, the connector begins by taking a snapshot of the existing data in specified tables. This process provides a foundation from which further data changes can be efficiently managed. After snapshotting, the connector taps into PostgreSQL's logical replication by connecting to a designated replication slot, monitoring for data changes in real-time. Any changes occurring in the PostgreSQL database are detected and instantly sent to Dozer, ensuring a continuous stream of updated data. The specific tables to observe are customizable within the connector configuration, ensuring a targeted and resource-optimized data-handling process.


The following configuration block can be used in dozer-config.yaml to define a new PostgreSQL connection:

- name: pagila_conn
config: !Postgres
user: postgres
password: postgres
host: localhost
port: 5433
database: film

Alternatively, it's possible to specify a connection string:

- name: pagila_conn
config: !Postgres
# connection_url can be used instead of above config
connection_url: postgresql://postgres:postgres@localhost:5433/film
# ssl_mode with disable, prefer and require (optional)
ssl_mode: require


Parameter NameTypeDescription
userStringThe username required for authenticating the user's access to the PostgreSQL instance.
passwordStringThe password corresponding to the above username, required for secure authentication to the PostgreSQL instance.
hostString or IP addressThe host address of the PostgreSQL instance. It could be an IP address or a valid hostname.
portIntegerThe specific port on which the PostgreSQL service is running.
databaseStringThe specific database within the PostgreSQL instance to which the connector needs to establish a connection.
SSLModeStringThe choice of SSL TCP/IP connection negotiation priority with the server can be configured with three available options: "require," "prefer," or "disable." These options allow you to define how the SSL connection will be established between the client and the server.
connection_urlStringPostgres connection string takes precedence over all other configurations in Dozer when connecting to the database. running.

Trying it out

To test a PostgreSQL sample, clone the dozer-samples GitHub repo and follow the steps described here.