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CLI Reference

Dozer offers a Command Line (CLI) Interface that exposes commands for developing, publishing and managing Dozer applications. This reference guides you through getting started with the CLI.


dozer [options] <command> <subcommand> [parameters]

Use dozer help to view a list of available commands. Use dozer <command> help for information on a specific command with available subcommands. The synopsis for each command shows its parameters and their usage. Optional parameters are shown in square brackets.

Self-Hosted Deployment

dozer build & dozer clean

During the build process, the current data schema and API configurations are finalized and several auxiliary files are generated.

You can utilize dozer clean to remove the created .dozer folder.

dozer run

dozer run runs the replication pipeline inline with the provided configuration.

dozer ui

Initiates an in-browser interface for viewing the pipeline as well as monitoring replication instances.