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Dozer relies on a YAML configuration structure delineated in dozer-config.yaml. This file serves as the backbone for specifying connectors, data sources, SQL transformations, API endpoints, and other critical characteristics of your application.

Location and Naming

dozer-config.yaml must reside in the root directory of a Dozer application. Alternative filenames can be utilized but must be declared using the -c or --config-path option when executing the dozer run command. Additionally, the file can be loaded from standard input and passed as input to dozer run using a pipe.

Key Properties

dozer-config.yaml has multiple key sections:

Connections and SourcesDetails the array of various database, data wareshouses or any other type of connection and their tables.
TransformationsDescribes the transformations applied to the sourced data.
SinksEstablishes endpoints, determining how sinks are configured
Global Parameters and FlagsEnables or disables specific options or feature