The  Real-Time  Analytical Layer
for your

Seamlessly integrate real-time and batch data from various silos and build data and RAG applications with APIs and SQL. Simplify teamwork with Git, no data engineering experts required.

Unify, combine and serve low latency real-time analytics for customer facing products & LLMs.

Start working with Dozer  for an integrated, scalable data architecture for real-time analytics.

Instant real time connectors

Connect your application data or ingest using APIs and you are good to go. Move to destination sinks that are fit for purpose. Dozer is crazy fast compared to Debezium + Kafka workloads.



    u.first_name, u.last_name, u.birth_date,
    ARRAY(, a.street) as addresses
FROM users u JOIN addresses a ON = addresses.user_id
GROUP BY u.first_name, u.last_name, u.birth_date

Unify and transform using SQL

Write your transformations in SQL. You can also use materialzied views for real-time features. Dozer uses Clickhouse as the underlying OLAP store.

Leverage LLMs & RAG with your data

Leverage hosted chatbot experiences or build your own RAG applications using Dozer. Dozer leverages LLMs to automatically generate semantic context. Edit and modify using purely YAML.


Data APIs

curl  -X POST   ''   --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
  --data-raw '{segment: "retail"}'

Build and publish data APIs

Turn your data into APIs. Publish any of the views with parameters into a ready to use API with a click of a button. Open API documentation automatically generated.

Key Features

Developer First

Use just purely SQL and YAML to build your entire semantic layer with the fastest CDC.Commit to your repository and work with your team.

Power AI experiences

Dozer has ability to communicate with open source and Open AI models. Extend using our langchain toolkit for advanced usage


Dive right into building data applications using Dozer without having the need to maintain the infrastructure.

Security Model

Model your security in YAML and automatically control APIs with it.Integrate your ACL with third party tools for data governance.

Batch & Real-Time

Dozer can work with both batch and real-time data. Leverages Dozer CDC and Clickhouse to pick the right approach for the problem.

Publish as APIs

Publish your queries as APIs and share with your team. Each API has instantly available documentation that makes development a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dozer is best suited if you are looking to refactor your existing stack for real-time needs having simplicity, cost-efficiency, and performance in mind.

Dozer is especially useful for real-time and customer facing experiences where speed and latency matters.

Dozer platform utilizes top notch encryption when it matters both in storage and when the data is in the move. On top of that, developers can tailor security with YAML, making sure only the right eyes see your data.

Modern data stack has great design principles in mind but a company has to work with several tools and this requires a reasonably sized data engineering team. Dozer offers an end to end well integrated functionality for the most common functions and let integrations with other tools cater the rest.

Startups to big enterprises that value time spent on product experiences rather than tinkering with infrastructure headache. Dozer is developer friendly and integrates well with your git.

Dozer is built in Rust end to end to deliver you the highest efficiency. Dozer utilises Clickhouse as the store which is battle tested and is powering customer facing workloads at top tier companies.

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