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Start building real-time data apps in minutes
Connect any data source, combine them in real-time and instantly get low-latency Data APIs. All with just a simple configuration!
cargo install --git dozer-cli --locked
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Building powerful data-apps requires time and the integration of multiple tools. Dozer is an open-source platform that gives you a simple platform to transform, cache and integrate data into your applications.
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Run it in three easy steps
Dozer only requires a simple configuration file that defines sources, transformations and APIs
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Plug and Play
Dozer takes a simple YAML file and instantly generates APIs. Let Dozer take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on building your apps.
Always Up to Date
Dozer stays in sync by transforming data in real-time, providing a real time view of your data.
Docs and Typing
Dozer automatically generates Open API documentation for REST and protobuf definitions for gRPC.
Connect to a Variety of Data Sources
Dozer connects with databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL, data warehouses such as Snowflake, data lakes and even the Ethereum ledger.
Combine and Aggregate
Dozer lets you join and aggregate across different sources in real-time enabling powerful features such as customer personalization.
Blazing Fast and Scalable
Dozer stores data in an embedded cache and automatically optimizes for efficient queries. Dozer is also horizontally scalable, so you can scale your APIs as your data grows.
Supercharge your Applications
Dozer offers instant search, analytical and real-time capabilities that can be otherwise slow to build, resource-intensive, difficult to maintain and even not feasible with the underlying data sources.
Open Source and Extensible
Dozer is open source first and can be extended to support new data sources and transformations. Dozer is built on Rust, which is known for its performance and safety. WASM support will be added soon.
Easily access data in Real-Time
yarn add @dozerjs/dozer
import { ApiClient } from "@dozerjs/dozer";

const flightsClient = new ApiClient('flights');
flightsClient.count().then(count => {
How can Dozer help your team ?
Unifying Data with a Real-Time Experience API Layer
Dozer solves the problem of fragmented data by offering a unified API layer that consolidates data from various sources. It alleviates the read load on operational databases and simplifies data integration. With Dozer, businesses can benefit from data consolidation, improved database performance, simplified integration, real-time data access, and seamless app integration. This solution enables businesses to unlock the value of their data, improve system performance, and make informed decisions.
Learn More
Unifying Data with a Real-Time Experience API Layer
Accelerating API Performance and Scalability with Real-Time Caching
Real-Time Personalization for Enhanced User Experiences
Monitoring, Anomaly Detection, and Alerting
Real-Time Operational Optimization
Who needs Dozer
Dozer can help multiple types of users such Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Fullstack Engineers
Data Engineers
Struggling to build and deploy real-time in production?
Dozer lets you load from multiple sources, define transformations and expose APIs from a single configuration file. Make your data accessible by anyone in your organization.
Data Scientists
Struggling to deploy model predictions to your business users?
Dozer lets you integrate your model inferencing in real time with just a few lines of SQL or Python. Predictions are automatically exposed as APIs to make your business users happy.
Fullstack Engineer
Struggling to integrate your application with your company’s data infra?
Dozer lets you easily connect to all your data infra sources, run transformations in real-time using SQL and give you fast gRPC and REST APIs which be integrated with your app.
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