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The following configuration block can be used in dozer-config.yaml to define a new Oracle connection:

- config: !Oracle
user: DOZER
password: abcd1234
port: 1521
sid: ORCL
replicator: !LogMiner
poll_interval_in_milliseconds: 1000
name: oracle


Parameter NameTypeDescription
userStringThe username required for authenticating the user's access to the Oracle instance.
passwordStringThe password corresponding to the above username, required for secure authentication to the Oracle instance.
hostStringThe hostname or IP address of the Oracle instance.
portIntegerThe specific port on which the Oracle service is running. By default, Oracle uses port 1521 for communication.
sidStringThe System Identifier (SID) of the Oracle instance.
pdbString (Optional)Only needed if using a pluggable database.
schemasList Of StringsThe schemas to consider when listing tables. If empty, will list all schemas, which can be slow.
batch_sizeInteger (Optional)Batch Size during snapshotting. Default is 100k .
replicatorObjectThe replicator configuration for Oracle.

The replicator configuration for Oracle can be one of the following:

  1. LogMiner: This configuration uses Oracle's LogMiner to query the redo logs of the Oracle database at fixed intervals to capture changes.
  2. DozerLogReader ( Coming Soon ! ): This replicator uses Dozer's LogReader to capture changes from the Oracle database.

Replicator Parameters (LogMiner)

Parameter NameTypeDescription
poll_interval_in_millisecondsIntegerThe interval in milliseconds at which the LogMiner replicator polls for changes in the Oracle database.