Blazing Fast In Product Analytics with Dozer

The Data Volume Explosion Problem

Digital-native SaaS companies thrive on user data: the lifeblood of personalization, real-time experiences, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

But what happens when your data volume explodes? Traditional databases and application infrastructure start buckling under the pressure, creating a critical bottleneck: latency.

Dozer Speed Layer Solution

Dozer acts as a real-time speed layer, instantly moves data and empowers to build data APIs effortlessly.

  • Low Latency: Get the insights you need, instantly, with minimal lag. Make data-driven decisions with confidence.
  • Effortless Scalability: Focus on innovation, not infrastructure management. Dozer scales effortlessly to accommodate your growing data needs.

How Dozer Makes it Happen

Solution Diagram

Dozer Connectors

Dozer's connectors move data in real-time, and ensure seamless data flow from various sources directly into Dozer's processing layer, enabling instant analytics and insights.

  • Seamless data flow from various sources into Dozer's processing layer.
  • Eliminate latency in data ingestion and processing for real-time insights.
  • Support a wide range of data sources for comprehensive coverage.

Leveraging ClickHouse

Clickhouse is unparallel for real-time analytics at scale. Dozer instantly moves data into Clickhouse and offer a seamless experiences for developers to work with Data APIs.

  • Fastest data retrieval and high-speed querying.
  • Complex queries in milliseconds, even across billions of rows.
  • Seamless integration into Dozer's infrastructure for real-time analytics.


Unified Data Ingestion

Say goodbye to data silos! Dozer seamlessly ingests data from various sources.

Developer-Friendly Transformations

Build real-time data views using familiar SQL.

Instant APIs

Turn your data views into readily consumable APIs with a single click.

Scale Effortlessly, Focus on Innovation

Stop waiting, start innovating. Get Dozer and unlock the power of real-time product analytics!