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Unifying Data with a Real-Time Experience API Layer
Dozer solves the problem of fragmented data by offering a unified API layer that consolidates data from various sources. It alleviates the read load on operational databases and simplifies data integration. With Dozer, businesses can benefit from data consolidation, improved database performance, simplified integration, real-time data access, and seamless app integration. This solution enables businesses to unlock the value of their data, improve system performance, and make informed decisions.
Many businesses struggle with data fragmentation and silos, as data is scattered across multiple sources such as databases, files, and other repositories. This not only makes it challenging to access and utilize the data effectively but also puts a significant read load on operational databases, affecting their performance and scalability.
Dozer provides a robust solution to address the problem of fragmented data by enabling the creation of a unified API layer. It allows businesses to seamlessly integrate and consolidate data from various sources, including databases, files, and third-party APIs. By consolidating data into a unified API layer, businesses can alleviate the read load from operational databases, improving their performance and scalability.
Data Consolidation
With Dozer, businesses can consolidate data from disparate sources into a single unified API layer. This eliminates the need to access multiple systems separately, saving time and effort in data retrieval and analysis.
Alleviates Read Load
By consolidating data into a unified API layer, Dozer helps to offload the read traffic from operational databases. This reduces the load on the databases, improving their performance and scalability.
Simplified Integration
Dozer offers an intuitive interface to configure and generate APIs based on the integrated data. This simplifies the integration process and reduces the development effort required to connect applications with data sources.
Real-Time Data Access
Dozer ensures real-time data access by caching the integrated data using an embedded low latency cache. This allows applications to retrieve the most up-to-date information quickly, enabling timely actions and informed decision-making.
Seamless App Integration
Dozer's APIs can be easily integrated into various applications, including web and mobile apps. This allows businesses to create in-product experiences by leveraging the unified API layer, delivering consistent and cohesive user experiences across different touchpoints.