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· 4 min read

Real-time data processing is essential for modern applications, as it ensures that insights are timely and accurate. The open-source project Dozer now provides a runtime environment that allows developers to execute lambda functions or custom user-defined functions based on specific data conditions. This new functionality allows for more dynamic and event-driven applications, as Lambda functions can be triggered based on specific data change conditions. Just imagine triggering a Twilio notification based on a SQL statement (data change condition)!

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can use Dozer to respond to real-time data changes by triggering functions based on data conditions. In this example, we will create a React app that generates a real-time graph based on room temperature data (room temperature monitoring). We will use the pydozer_log module to react to data change conditions and trigger a Twilio message if the room temperature goes above 22.9°C.