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Announcing Dozer Live

Dozer Live is a dynamic development environment and dashboard that forms a core part of the Dozer, designed for building real-time data products. The primary purpose of Dozer Live is to offer an interactive interface for developers to efficiently configure, debug, and manage real-time data transformations and API endpoints, all within a single, unified UI.




Secure Your Data APIs with Dozer: Adding Authorization to APIs

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of API security and authorization, using the Dozer framework. Learn how to effectively integrate JWT authentication and RBAC in a movie ticket booking application. Understand the process of generating and using master and custom access tokens for granular access control to your APIs. We also provide a hands-on approach to setting up a PostgreSQL database using Docker, pre-populated with the OMDB movie dataset. This blog post is a must-read for developers aiming to bolster the security of their API-driven applications with Dozer's powerful capabilities.


Developer Advocate


Unleashing the Power of Dozer Lambda Runtime for Real-time and Event-driven Data Apps

Discover the power of Dozer Lambda Runtime for real-time, event-driven data applications with this comprehensive blog post. Learn how to utilize Dozer's open-source runtime environment to execute Lambda functions based on specific data conditions, making your applications more dynamic and responsive. Dive into a step-by-step example of creating a React app for room temperature monitoring that triggers a Twilio notification based on data change conditions. Explore the ease of using Dozer's JavaScript and Python bindings for reading logs, and see how Dozer Lambda Runtime can revolutionize the way you develop modern applications.


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