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Announcing Dozer Live

· 2 min read

After several weeks of intense work, we are happy to announce Dozer Live!

What is Dozer Live?

Dozer Live is a dynamic development environment and dashboard that forms a core part of the Dozer, designed for building real-time data products. The primary purpose of Dozer Live is to offer an interactive interface for developers to efficiently configure, debug, and manage real-time data transformations and API endpoints, all within a single, unified UI.

Dynamic Configuration and Live UI

One of Dozer Live's standout features is its real-time configuration management. Any changes made to your configuration files are immediately reflected in the live UI. This capability simplifies the development process by giving you instant visual feedback, thereby reducing the development cycle time and streamlining debugging.

Streaming SQL Engine

This feature leverages the built-in streaming SQL engine of Dozer. You can perform real-time data transformations, and the results are dynamically updated in the dashboard. These transformations can be written in SQL, with upcoming support for WASM, TypeScript, and ONNX model inferencing, providing a robust set of tools for complex data manipulations.

API Testing

Dozer Live extends its utility by allowing you to test your gRPC and REST APIs right from its interface. This minimizes the need to switch between multiple tools or platforms, creating a more cohesive and efficient workflow.

JavaScript Client Libraries

For those looking to integrate their real-time data products into frontend applications, Dozer Live offers JavaScript client libraries. These libraries simplify integration and offer code samples compatible with popular frontend libraries and frameworks, such as React and Chart.js.

In summary, Dozer Live is a multi-faceted tool that significantly simplifies the process of creating, managing, and deploying real-time data products. Take alook at the full demo below: