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This week at Dozer #2

· 2 min read

Welcome to this week's update on dozer! We are excited to share with you the latest developments and progress that we have made. We have plently of updates for this week.

As promised, we are creating samples to demonstrate Dozer's end to end capability. Here is our first walkthrough from one of our engineers Chloe.

Release v.0.1.12

Dozer v.0.1.12 is avaiable. Checkout the release notes here.

Client libraries

We finally published our client libraries to PyPi and NPM.

React Library (With TypeScript support)

yarn install @dozerjs/dozer-react

Javascript library

yarn install @dozerjs/dozer

Python library

pip install pydozer

Dozer Samples

We have published a number of samples covering various scenarios with Dozer.

ConnectorsPostgresLoad data using Postgres CDC
Local StorageLoad data from local files
SQLUsing JOINsDozer APIs over multiple sources using JOIN
Using AggregationsHow to aggregate using Dozer
Using Window FunctionsUse Hop and Tumble Windows
Use CasesFlight MicroservicesBuild APIs over multiple microservices.

Connector improvements

We have simplified the Connector trait. It is now much easier to understand and develop connectors for Dozer.

Refactor Connector interface #1233

Minor Postgres connector improvements. Add schema support to postgres connector #1070

Testing Framework

The introduction of a new testing SQL framework based on sqllogictest has greatly increased the flexibility of the testing framework.

With the new testing framework it is easy to add a large number of SQL tests, laying the foundation for Dozer's stability.

Introduce sqllogictest #1214

Performance Improvements

Now we build cache secondary indexes in an asynchronous manner, boosting the cache performance by 30x.

Asynchoronous indexing #1206 #1216

What's Next

  • New samples
  • Stability & Performance Improvements
  • Javascript support for connectors
  • Lambda functions & Writeback support


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